Carnival of El Callao, a festive representation of a memory and cultural identity in Venezuela

Running from January to March, these festivities feature parades of people dressed as characters from history and fantasy, as well as calypso music, dancing, and concerts. Up to 3000 people take part in the Carnival of El Callao, associated with emancipation celebrations in French-speaking islands of the Caribbean. The carnival highlights the history of el Callao, reinforces its cultural identity, promotes unity, and encourages younger generations to discover their heritage.

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South America’s only bear

andean_bear_thumbThe Andean bear can be found in Peru, Venezuela, and Bolivia. It is the only bear species in South America and its numbers are dwindling. In Peru, the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel has set aside land as a rescue and conservation center for the bears and their habitat, the forest.


Watch the video


  1. How many names does the Andean bear have? Explain the origin of the different names.
  2. The Andean bear is an endangered species. How many bears can be found in the whole of South America? What are citizens and biologists doing in Machu Picchu (Peru)?
  3. Are there any endangered species in your home country? Do some research online if needed.

Come explore…South America

south_america_map_thumbWatch the following video and pay attention to some facts and highlights from South America’s countries and cities.




  1. Write down the names of all countries and cities mentioned in the video.
  2. Which place in South America would you love to visit? Explain why.
  3. If you had to work on a similar video about the United States, which ten unique places would you highlight and why?