Peru in one minute

peru_thumbPeru covers 496,225 sq mi of western South America. It borders Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil to the east, Bolivia to the southeast, Chile to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Watch the following video about this fascinating South American country, a land full of contrasts and a country brimming with culture, legend, folklore and nature.


  • Watch the video and pay close attention to the images. If you had to find a slogan or tagline for the promotion or Peru, what would it be?
  • Write a short paragraph that could go along with the video to present Peru to a foreign visitor.
  • Do you like hiking? Why? Would you like to hike in the Peruvian Andes?

Adventures in Mexico

chiapas_thumbWith wonderful natural attractions and with wet weather most of the year, Chiapas has become into a true attraction for ecotourism and adventure tourism. Watch this video with astonishing images of extreme sports in this Mexican region.



  • How many different sports do you identify from the video? Write a list.
  • Which one of those extreme sports would you like to try? Why?
  • Describe the Mexican landscapes that appear in the video.

Learning Spanish from the streets: ¿Cuál es tu profesión?

lima_peru_thumbEn este video, Beatriz entrevista a diferentes personas en las calles de Lima, Perú. Las preguntas son: ¿cuál es tu profesión? y ¿por qué la elegiste?

Mira el vídeo y las variadas respuestas de los entrevistados.


  • Anota todas las profesiones que se mencionan en las entrevistas.
  • Ahora, anota las razones de las diferentes personas para elegir esa profesión, y haz una tabla como la siguiente:
Profesión ¿Por qué la elegiste?

Me gusta trabajar con la gente

  • ¿Qué profesión te gustaría a ti ser en el futuro y por qué?

South America’s only bear

andean_bear_thumbThe Andean bear can be found in Peru, Venezuela, and Bolivia. It is the only bear species in South America and its numbers are dwindling. In Peru, the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel has set aside land as a rescue and conservation center for the bears and their habitat, the forest.


Watch the video


  1. How many names does the Andean bear have? Explain the origin of the different names.
  2. The Andean bear is an endangered species. How many bears can be found in the whole of South America? What are citizens and biologists doing in Machu Picchu (Peru)?
  3. Are there any endangered species in your home country? Do some research online if needed.


backpack_thumbPaco and his best friend embarked on the trip of a lifetime to in 2014. Over four and a half months, they visited Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, and Panama.

Watch his video with a summary of their amazing experiences and adventures.


  1. Write a list of all the different animals that appear in the video.
  2. In your opinion, which of the images of the video is most impressive? Describe it.
  3. If you planned the trip of a lifetime with a good friend of yours, what would it be?