Everybody loves Spain

madrid_thumbSpain is a beloved tourist destination. By 2015 Spain was the third most visited country in the world, recording 68.1 million tourists which marked the third consecutive year of record-beating numbers. In August 2016, a total of 10.1 million foreign visitors visited Spain, marking a monthly record and an increase of 5.8 percent from August 2015

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  • What are the most visited areas in Spain?
  • Would you like to visit Spain? Why?
  • What is your favorite dance? Explain.

Chile in pictures

volcano_chile_thumbIn the language of the Aymara Indians Chile has the meaning “when the world ends.” The very shape of this country is exceptional, with a length of approximately 4300 km and an average width of 180 km. There is probably no other country that combines so many climate zones like Chile. This small country has beautiful and diverse landscapes to offer!

Volcanoes, ancient tribes, mountains, mysterious islands… Chile has it all! Discover the different attractions of this country by viewing the following pictures:

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  • Select your favorite picture. Explain why you selected it.
  • After viewing the album, what do you think about the nature in Chile?
  • If you had to select 10 pictures of landmarks or traditions of your homecountry, which ones would you choose?

Santiago de Chile

santiago_chile_thumbLearn more about Santiago, the capital of Chile, a city that’s embracing its history, culture, and the best natural location in the Americas. Watch the video to learn more.



  1. How is the city of Santiago described in the video? List all the adjectives used.
  2. Where is the city located geographically?
  3. Which place in the city of Santiago would you like to visit first? Why?

South America’s only bear

andean_bear_thumbThe Andean bear can be found in Peru, Venezuela, and Bolivia. It is the only bear species in South America and its numbers are dwindling. In Peru, the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel has set aside land as a rescue and conservation center for the bears and their habitat, the forest.


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  1. How many names does the Andean bear have? Explain the origin of the different names.
  2. The Andean bear is an endangered species. How many bears can be found in the whole of South America? What are citizens and biologists doing in Machu Picchu (Peru)?
  3. Are there any endangered species in your home country? Do some research online if needed.

Lost Mayan in Guatemala

guate_mayan_thumbGuatemalan archeologists recently made a fascinating discovery. Now overgrown by jungle, the lost Mayan City of Mirador in Guatemala was once the thriving capital of the Maya civilization.
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  1. Hansen refers to the pyramid as an “investment of labor.” Why? How was the pyramid built?
  2. How tall and big is the pyramid?
  3. After the discovery of the site, what is the challenge?