Tips for backpacking in South America

backpacking_thumbFrom the tropical beaches of the Caribbean to the southern archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, backpacking South America guarantees an amazing experience full of adventures—butyou need to make sure you bring everything you need in your luggage!


Read the following article to learn important tips to take into account before you start your trip.


    • Which of the tips is the most important in your opinion? Rate the importance of each tip, from very important to not very important, in a list like the following:
Tips for backpacking South America Importance
Learn the lingo

Use your nous

Research your accommodations

Embrace bus travel


Very important

  • Would learning Spanish help you when traveling around Latin America? Write a short paragraph with a few of the advantages of knowing Spanish when traveling to Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Write a list of important tips for any traveler planning a trip to the United States.

Peru in one minute

peru_thumbPeru covers 496,225 sq mi of western South America. It borders Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil to the east, Bolivia to the southeast, Chile to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Watch the following video about this fascinating South American country, a land full of contrasts and a country brimming with culture, legend, folklore and nature.


  • Watch the video and pay close attention to the images. If you had to find a slogan or tagline for the promotion or Peru, what would it be?
  • Write a short paragraph that could go along with the video to present Peru to a foreign visitor.
  • Do you like hiking? Why? Would you like to hike in the Peruvian Andes?

Guatemala and Instagram

guatemala_thumbAn original promotion of tourism in Guatemala…. Guatemala’s tourism board invited 12 of the world’s leading instagrammers to travel around the country and snap what they saw. The Instagram tour — the first of its kind in Central America — brought together leading instagrammers from U.S., Sweden, Latin America and Spain.

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  • What do you think about this idea to promote a country to young people?
  • What is the hash tag used for the road trip, and which places were visited?
  • Select your favorite picture from the article and describe it.

Adventures in Mexico

chiapas_thumbWith wonderful natural attractions and with wet weather most of the year, Chiapas has become into a true attraction for ecotourism and adventure tourism. Watch this video with astonishing images of extreme sports in this Mexican region.



  • How many different sports do you identify from the video? Write a list.
  • Which one of those extreme sports would you like to try? Why?
  • Describe the Mexican landscapes that appear in the video.

Ten incredible Spain locations for Game of Thrones

game_of_thrones_thumbSpain has been chosen again as the location for scenes in Game of Thrones season 7. Three regions of Spain will host Game of Thrones crews during October, November and December from the wind-swept Atlantic beaches of the north to impressive castles and Roman ruins of the west and south. Filming is set to start in Spain from October 2016.

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  • Do you like Game of Thrones? Why?
  • Take a look at the landscapes. Which one is more impressive and why?
  • Select one of the pictures and describe it.