Valencia Fallas festivity in Spain

The “Fallas” is the name of the local holidays in Valencia, but also is the name of the Monument shown in every street of the city, from the 16th to 19th March. Monuments originally made in cardboard and wood, are now built in polystyrene and can have up to 30 m. high.

The Festivity of Las Fallas is an amazing tradition of the region of Comunidad Valenciana, Spain, to celebrate the coming of spring. During the celebrations, parades, fireworks, and different cultural activities are held throughout the region. However, the main feature is the giant falla: a monument made up of ninots (caricature pieces) created by local artists and craftspeople on current social issues. It takes a year to build it, and it is often created with a satirical or critical purpose. The falla is set alight at the end of the festivity, which usually runs from March 14 to 19. This festivity is very important for the region. It fosters community pride, contributing to cultural identity and social cohesion.

Read more and view the short documentary video ‘Cultural Space of the Valencian Fallas Festival’:


  • What is the origin of the Valencian Fallas?
  • What is the “Ninot Museum”?
  • If you participated in the Fallas, what Ninot would you build? Think of an interesting current event or topic that you would like to share!
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