Music and dances of the Yampara culture

Tarabuco man and woman, Jatun Yampara Indigenous Community, Chuquisaca Department, Bolivia (Photo by: Insights/UIG via Getty Images)

The Pujllay and Ayarichi performances in Bolivia are very important to the Yampara culture and its connection to nature. In the rainy season, the Pujllay ritual celebrates abundance and fertility of Mother Nature. An altar is built in the yards of the houses and is covered with leaves, fruits, and food. On the other hand, the Ayarichi dance is celebrated in the dry season and is dedicated to Catholic saints.

Read more and view the short documentary video “Pujllay and Ayarichi, music and dances of the Yampara” (Bolivia):


  1. What are the main differences between Pujllay and Ayarichi celebrations?
  2. What is the meaning of the altars with food, leaves, and fruits?
  3. Describe the musical instruments used in the different rituals.
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