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What Would You Imagine?

Quick Overview

How can three peacocks become fancy feather fans? Can thirty frogs make an exciting long-jump match?
Find out in this beautiful, clever book, illustrated with both simple and complex origami figures. These amazing illustrations and provocative storyline encourage young learners to use their imagination to see and create beyond reality.
• Beautiful illustrations with origami art
• Tips and ideas for teachers and parents —art, literacy skills, mathematics, Chinese language skills
and culture, and critical thinking
• Written in simplified Chinese characters with pinyin—standard romanization system —to support decoding.

Additional Information

ISBN 9781603960397
Genre Narrative / Short Stories / Counting Book
Product Media Type Text
School Grade K-3
Program Name No
Product Type Literature
Author Justin Tsin
Guided Reading Level No
Illustrator by the author
Subjects English as a Second Language
Text Type No
Theme Art, Counting


What Would You Imagine?