Training Session #4: Professional Development Must-Reads – Resources for your Spanish Classroom

Your professional development summer will not be complete without this list!

Let’s get back on track and review our picks for professional development must-reads! These books are not only enjoyable, but are a sure way to keep you focused and refreshed during the summer. Enjoy!


Mario A. Nuñez


  Leer, escribir, narrar e imaginar: estrategias y pretextos by Amilcar Saavedra Rosas

All in one guide to teaching and learning reading in Spanish offers a variety of practical, hands-on reading strategies for the K-12 Spanish FL and Spanish NLA teacher, applicable to all grade levels. The suggestions on the book cover pre-reading, during reading, and after post-reading strategies.


  Primeros auxilios para hablar bien español by Soledad Moliner.

This handbook “diagnoses” common vocabulary and grammatical errors (both in speech and in writing) made by Spanish speakers and “prescribes cures” to avoid these recurrent problems.


  Breve relato de la historia de México by Katherine Blair.

From the Olmec civilization to present times, Ms. Blair offers her personal perspective on the history of México and provides a fundamental guide to understanding the evolution of the country. This is a straight-forward and enjoyable book, and ideal for those who want to learn more about the history of México.

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