Training Session #1: 8 Steps to a Productive Summer (Step 4) – Resources for your Spanish Classroom

Let’s start our week with Training Session #1 and complete Step 4 of 8 Steps to a Productive Summer!

To complete step 4 to a productive summer please share with us at least 1 cultural image! Your cultural image can be a personal photo or any favorite image you’ve discovered through out your years of teaching. With the image, ask your students to create a story. Please include the following when sharing your image:

  1. What level(s)?
  2. What is the target vocabulary?
  3. What is the target grammar?
  4. What is the cultural element?


This image is from our K-6 Spanish for Native speakers program, Yabisí, that integrates technology with the development of language and literacy skills, while strengthening critical-thinking skills through high-interest readings and activities.

Have your students create a story using the image above. Ask them to write about the weather and the articles of clothing.

  1. Levels- K-3
  2. Target vocabulary- The weather & articles of clothing
  3. Target grammar- Practice using forms of ayer, hoy, & mañana (ex: Hoy está lloviendo)
  4. Cultural element- General

Please share, as the BEST 5 examples will win a FREE Puertas al Sol poster for your classroom! This poster includes the poem Latinos by Alma Flor Ada and a wonderful cultural image! A great addition to any classroom! The best 5 examples will be chosen Thursday, August 2.

In order to share a photo/image, please email the photo/image to All the photos/images will be uploaded to Plaza Santillana by the end of this week.

Ready, set, SHARE!

*Before you share, you must be registered to win the free prize. If you haven’t registered for our Professional Development Summer Series, please click here!

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