Training Session #1: 8 Steps to a Productive Summer (Step 2)- Resources for your Spanish classroom

Let’s revisit Training Session #1 and tackle Step 2 of 8 Steps to a Productive Summer!

Step 2 to a productive summer will be to provide at least 1 example of an electronic resource. An electronic resource can include a website, an eBook, a videocast, or a podcast, just to name a few. Please include the following when sharing your electronic resource(s):

  1. What level(s)?
  2. What is the target vocabulary?
  3. What is the target grammar?
  4. What is the cultural element?

For example, our very own Descubre el español webiste offers an interactive map teachers can share with their classroom. This interactive map features the Hispanic countries the characters travel to throughout the Descubre el español series and some fun facts about each country.

  1. Levels- K-5
  2. Target vocabulary- General
  3. Target grammar- General
  4. Cultural element- Hispanic countries

This week the BEST examples will receive a FREE copy of Hablando bien se entiende la gente*. 5 examples will be chosen by Thursday, July 19, so let the sharing begin!

Ready, set, SHARE!

*Before you share, you must be registered to win the free prize. If you haven’t registered for our Professional Development Summer Series, please click here!

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