Searching for Spanish-language resources to teach the CCSS? Look here! – Resources for your Spanish Classroom

For those of you desperately seeking quality sources in Spanish that meet the Common Core State Standards, we have good news: help is on the way!

As Spanish-language educators, many of you have already been called upon to help students develop the skills necessary to comply with CCSS. You’ve likely been summoned not only to teach them Spanish, but also to help them improve their general reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills so that they can apply these newly acquired skills in a variety of content areas. It sounds like a good plan, and you’ve probably been doing some of it all along. But this is no easy task, particularly when you’re having difficulty finding the right resources to accomplish your mile-long list of goals. That’s how we figured that, when it comes to looking for good quality sources that can help you meet CCSS, you’ll perhaps appreciate a little extra help.

We’ve always known that, as teachers, you can probably balance ten hats over your head better than anybody else. Still, we thought that, if we could help turn that into nine, we’d sleep a little better. So this was our plan: first, be expeditious in finding out what teachers need; then, align or create materials that meet those needs; and, finally, make those materials easily identifiable so that teachers can readily figure out which materials will best meet his or her CCSS needs.

And so, during our quest to find ways to support our Spanish teachers, we found out that many of you are having difficulty finding high-quality literary and informational texts that build knowledge, enlarge experience, and broaden worldviews. Moreover, we realized that those texts you’ve been searching for must include stories from around the world—in this case, the Spanish-speaking world—and readings from different content areas, with increasing complexity so students can develop the skills and apply them to more and more complex texts.

Okay, so maybe part one of our plan was kind of easy to figure out. And part two—the part where we got to read tons of fun authentic Spanish-language books and to create new programs and anthologies with you in mind—was kind of, well, incredibly fun. So, that takes us to part three of our plan: sharing these wonderful resources with you.

First, click on the following links to look for specific CCSS. After you’ve found which of our resources meet the standards you are looking to teach, you can click on our catalog to find out more about that product or get a free limited-time license to check our online resources. And last, but not least, if you need additional searching for materials that meet your needs, our local reps will be more than happy to assist you in finding exactly what you’re looking for.

Click here if you’re looking for colorful anthologies with authentic literature collections aligned to CCSS. Each grade-appropriate anthology includes 24 readings from different genres, and is divided into three levels of difficulty. Moreover, each reading includes pre- and post-reading activities designed to help support literacy skills.

Click here if you’re looking for high-quality, grade appropriate, authentic texts and literature from 20 different Spanish-speaking countries, all aligned to the CCSS.



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