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New Titles for Beginning Readers!


¿Cómo es el cocodrilo?

Anita Heald
Ya no soy tu amiga
(I’m Not Your Friend Anymore) 
GL K-2

One day, Agustín angers Sofía, and at recess, each one goes their separate way. Sofía gets very bored; nothing seems as fun as playing with Agustín, until she finds some very interesting snails. Entertained by the animals, Agustín and Sofía make peace without realizing it. The passing conflicts between Agustín and Sofía show the reader that, if a friendship is true, arguments will always be temporary.


Quién sigue a un elefante ?

Teresa Novoa
¿Quién sigue a un elefante?
(Who Follows an Elephant?)GL K-2

 The elephant wants to take a calm bath, but he quickly realizes that many animals are following him: two big rhinoceroses, three elegant giraffes, four lions…

How many more will come to join him?

The attractive illustrations and the possibility of making guesses will make this title a favorite of parents, teachers, and children.


Perdi mi sonrisa


Thierry Robberecht and Philippe Goossens
Perdí mi sonrisa
(I Lost My Smile)
GL K-2

A little girl has lost her smile. Everyone at home and school asks her about it, but her smile isn’t there: it has stayed on the mouth of the little boy that she gave it to. What can she do to get it back?

Who hasn’t lost their smile because of someone else? With just a few words and extremely expressive images, readers will recognize themselves in the main character, and, as she says, will discover that nobody can take away their smile without their permission.


No voy a leer este libro

Cece Meng
No voy a leer este libro
(I Will Not Read This Book) GL K-2

This little child has many excuses for not reading this book. Because, if there is anything he really doesn’t want to do, it’s read this book. He won’t read it even if they string him upside down by his big toes, over a cliff, with lightning above him and sharks below. He will definitely not read it. Although perhaps something will happen that will convince him: that someone he loves will read it with him.

This cumulative play on words will delight readers with its fun design and, of course, for its not-to-be-missed happy ending.

El hombresillo de la lluvia

Gianni Rodari
El hombrecillo de la lluvia
(The Rain Man) 
GL K-2

The Rain Man has a very important job: to open and close the faucets on the clouds so that it will rain or stop raining. He jumps softly from cloud to cloud, and he does his job well, although he sometimes falls asleep on the job from exhaustion.

A simple story written with ingenuity by Rodari, one of the most important children’s authors of the 20th century.


Ahora no, Bernardo

David McKee
Ahora no, Bernardo
(Not Now, Bernard!)
  GL K-2

Bernard is looking for his dad, who is absorbed in his own business and simply responds, “Not now, Bernard.” He then tries to get his mother’s attention, but she responds the same way. But something is worrying the little boy: there is a monster in the garden, and Bernard is worried that he will be eaten. After his parents’ indifference, Bernard goes out to the garden. There, his fears are confirmed, and the monster devours him. What will the boy’s parents do now?

Short, sharp, and without wasting a single page, this picture book tackles a difficult topic in an intelligent, funny way, which will resonate with children as well as their parents.

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