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More New Titles to Celebrate Poetry!

Antologia poetica, Antonio Machado

 Antonio Machado
Antología poética: Antonio Machado
(Poetry Anthology: Antonio Machado)  GL 6-12

 This anthology compiles Machado’s most influential poems, spanning his entire literary career. It also includes a study that synthesizes the historical and cultural context, outlines a biography of the author, collects the opinions of prestigious critics, and is completed with a timeline and an annotated bibliography. This is an ideal introduction for young readers that will give them access to the works of one of the greatest poets of the “Generation of 68.”



Rafael Pombo
(The Little Shepherd Girl)   GL K-3

After being lost, the little shepherd girl’s sheep have returned. However, none of them have their tail, so the little girl needs to look for them and paste them back on with whatever
she can.
This is an adaptation in Spanish that the Colombian poet Rafael Pombo made of a traditional English story, which has arrived in our continent due to his invaluable work.

Festival de calaveras

Luis San Vicente
Festival de calaveras
(Skeleton Festival)
  GL K-3

Candles, cut paper, “bread of the dead,” salt, marigold flowers: November has arrived, and with it, the Day of the Dead. The living prepare the altars and the dead embark on the journey, guided by the smoke of the incense. Once a year, the living and the dead meet to celebrate not death,
but life.
Eight-syllable calaverita verses and a love story take place in this celebration of one of Mexico’s most emblematic holidays.


Tinke Tinke

Elsa Bornemann
GL 4-8

Elevators that give everything for the love of a staircase, a teardrop in love with a handkerchief, a tangerine without a peel, the thoughts of a bus, and many more stories to awaken the imagination. Read this book carefully, and little by little, to enjoy it to the maximum, and to fully experience the different moods that each story evokes.


Mmm ¡qué rico está!

Ana Maria Machado
Mmm ¡qué rico está!
(Mmm, How Delicious!)  GL K-3

Enrique and Isabel love to be at their grandmother’s house. She prepares them the most delicious meals and desserts, and takes them on a tour through foods, storytelling, and nursery rhymes.
The author has chosen the relaxed, caring setting of Grandma’s house to delve into fantasy: a safe place where children can play, make-believe, and enjoy the sound of words.



Versos de pájaros

Mireya Cueto
Versos de pájaros
(Birds in Verse)
  GL K-3

The author invites readers to practice reading and writing in a fun and creative way. Words hold magic, and even more so when a poet plays with them. This is a fun introduction to poetry that motivates kids to write and enjoy the rhythm and musicality of words; it’s an innovative work that will surely entertain readers and provide a different kind of interaction with language.

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