Classroom Activities for Valentine’s Day

Por- Angela Padrón

Each year, people in the United States celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th. The holiday signifies a day of love and friendship, when people tell family members, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends, teachers, and close friends just how much they love them. Cupids, hearts, and the color red can be seen everywhere around this holiday. While people exchange gifts, chocolates, stuffed animals, and valentines with each other, teachers can use Valentine’s Day symbols and themes to create fun, meaningful, and engaging lessons for students.

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Practica las destrezas fonéticas con el cuento Benito y el bate

Por-Glenda Rosado

Según la Real Academia Española, la fonética  se define como lo perteneciente o relativo a los sonidos del habla. Con el cuento Benito y el bate, podemos practicar las destrezas fonéticas de la consonante b y las vocales: ba, be, bi, bo, bu.

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Celebrate Central America With Us! Win a trip to explore Nicaragua with The Pulsera Project

Santillana is proud to partner with The Pulsera Project once again this spring. The Pulsera Project not only makes a difference in the lives of almost 200 artisans in Nicaragua and Guatemala, but it also changes the lives of students right here in the USA.
Take advantage of this opportunity to provide your students with a unique cultural experience and allow them to bring the beauty of Central American culture to your school. All you have to do is SIGN UP to host a pulsera sale with The Pulsera Project at no cost, and they will provide everything you need.

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