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Espanol Santillana Plus


Santillana USA has partnered with two of the most prestigious universities in the Spanish-speaking world to present you with an amazing new offer that will benefit both you and your students at the same time.  To read more about this partnership click here.

First of all, there is the Español Santillana program. In short, the program’s pedagogy, language, and culture are impeccably presented. And the program features technology that makes all instruction efficient, effective, and EASY to use.

Well, as the cherry on top, we are the only publisher able to offer a program like Español Santillana Plus: Professional Development for teachers, official university recognition for students, and an instructional program backed by Universidad de Salamanca.


Español Santillana is the ONLY Spanish program that offers:


Universidad Salamanca

Program Accreditation: The Español Santillana materials have been accredited by the experts at the prestigious Universidad de Salamanca for their level of authenticity, rigor, and solid pedagogical practices.

Student Language Certification: Students who successfully complete levels 2 or 4 of Español Santillana are eligible to receive a certificate of completion from the Universidad de Salamanca, in recognition of their progress toward Spanish language and cultural proficiency.


Universidad Alcala

Teacher Study Abroad Scholarships: Teachers using the Español Santillana program are eligible for study abroad scholarships at the world-renowned Universidad de Alcalá, in Spain.

 To view program’s brochure click here.

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