Cuales animales

Juan Gedovius
Cuáles animales
(Which Animals)
GL K-1

“Brawny sweet / comes all disheveled… Calm stone in no hurry / his shirt is very hard…” In this book, animals are reinvented by illustrator Juan Gedovius, who invites readers to observe the world with a different view and to find the new in the known; the surprise in the familiar. The reader will be delighted, discovering in the images the answers to the ingenious riddles written in verse.


New Spanish Poetry for Elementary Grades


  Dichos de bichos

Alberto Blanco
Dichos de bichos
(Bug Verses)
GL 9-12

Flea, bumblebee, termite… small, marvelous, strange bugs, full of surprises. The author provides a playful, poetic introduction, but with scientific foundation, to these beings that are so close and yet so unfamiliar.
The illustrator uses the technique of nierikas, typical yarn paintings from the Huichol culture, to accompany the text harmoniously, achieving an original aesthetic and literary design.


El libro que canta

Yolanda Reyes
El libro que canta
(The Book That Sings)
GL K-1

Yolanda Reyes, the Colombian writer and educator, has gathered rhymes, rounds, lullabies, poems, and stories by famous authors and from the oral tradition to introduce children to the wonderful world of songs, rhymes, and poems.


El sueño de una alubia

Eduardo Carrera
El sueño de una alubia
(A Bean’s Dream)
GL 3-5

“Covered snugly by dirt, the bean seed sleeps, waiting for the drop of rain to make his dream reality: to be dazzling, with leaves and flowers.” In this book, readers explore the life cycle of plants in a different way: through poetry and beautiful watercolor illustrations that invite imagination.




Alberto Blanco
Rimas y números (Bilingual Edition)
(Rhymes and Numbers
[Bilingual Edition])
GL K-2

From zero to twelve, this book contains 38 poems that, by way of plays on words and poetic imagery, relate numbers to their written and figurative representation. The embroidered illustrations help children discover the concepts of quantity and order.
With the sonorous, rhythmic rhymes of Alberto Blanco, the reader will discover that learning to count has never been so fun.


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