Cuando callaron las armas

Edna Iturralde
Cuando callaron las armas
(When the Weapons Went Silent)
GL 3-5

 Twelve astonishing, human tales about the daily lives of children who live in the middle of serious political conflicts in various parts of the world. These stories about Israel and Palestine, Afghanistan, Colombia, Chechnya, Bosnia, Liberia, Sudan, Rwanda, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Sri Lanka, and Spain make up a moving, unprecedented book in Latin American children’s literature.


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  El buscador de finales

Pablo de Santis
El buscador de finales
(The Ending Seeker)
GL 9-12

 Every afternoon after school, Juan Brum entertains himself by imitating the drawings in his favorite comic strips. One day, he shows up in the Libra Publishing House, which publishes the comics about Cormack, his favorite character, to look for a job. His work at the publishing company take him to strange places and people in the building, until one day he is given a special mission: take a package to Sanders, the legendary Ending Seeker.
Pablo de Santis’s prose is deceptive: the simpler it seems, the more capable it is of leading the reader down unsuspected shortcuts of labyrinthine plots. Fascinating, enchanting, and entirely satisfactory, this novel is more proof that De Santis is one of the greatest Argentine writers of our time.



El inventor de juegos

Pablo de Santis
El inventor de juegos
(The Game Inventor)
GL 6-12

 Iván Dragó invents a game and participates in a contest. Shortly thereafter, he receives a letter notifying him that he has been selected out of ten thousand children. This situation changes his life. His parents disappear and he finds himself forced to live first with his aunt, and later with his grandpa, the famous game inventor Nicolás Dragó, in the city of Zyl, city of games. There, a world of adventure and mystery awaits him. Recently released on the big screen, this amazing tale takes the concept of metafiction one step farther, making the book a game within a game. The original, disconcerting structure will satisfy readers searching for a challenge that goes beyond the limits of fiction.


Es herida que duele y no se siente

César Arístides
Es herida que duele y no se siente (Antología de poemas de amor de la literatura universal)
(A Wound That Aches Yet Isn’t Felt [Anthology of Love Poems in World Literature])
GL 9-12

This anthology brings together some of the most intense verses about love that have ever been written. It offers a series of poems that strive to explain what love is. Mexican poets as well as international writers like Edgar Allan Poe, Rubén Darío, and David Huerta, among others, meet up in this alluring and emotional stroll.



Raíz de amor

Ana Pelegrín
Raíz de amor (Antología poética)
(Roots of Love [Poetry Anthology])
GL 9-12

This anthology of love poetry for young adults brings together great Spanish and Latin American authors from the 20th century that take on the topic of love from every angle: the memory of a childhood sweetheart, the love between parent and child, passionate love, unrequited love, and love that only absence inspires.
In this carefully curated volume, the reader can clearly sense the intention behind the work: to show, as the anthologist says, that poetry is a way to write love… and to write life.


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