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Hispanic Heritage Month Trivia Contest

Christine Mosso

Hispanic Heritage Month is upon us again. I’m sure you have some great activities that you do with your classes, but what about everyone else? This is a great opportunity to get the school involved in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month—including your colleagues! A great way to promote Hispanic heritage to a wider audience is a school-wide trivia contest! Here’s how to make it happen:

  • Talk to the people in charge of announcements and ask to have a bit of that time each morning during Hispanic Heritage Month. The first day, you or one of your students can explain how the contest works.
  • Get your students involved in creating the questions for your presentations. Encourage them to come up with a piece of trivia and a question. Divide your class into teams that will provide questions about a specific Spanish-speaking country. You could also have the teams work on categories such as people, places, celebrations, foods, nature, etc. and provide the questions based on their category.
  • You may choose to give small daily prizes to the student who provided the correct answer. You could also have weekly winners. At the end of the month, have a big prize with the winner drawn from a pool of the previous daily winners.
  • Choose something the students will really like: a gift card for a store, a gift certificate to a restaurant, music downloads, etc. You may even be able to get a donation of a gift certificate from a Hispanic restaurant if you explain what you are doing. Think about what your students would like that fits your budget.
  • You may also run a parallel contest for the faculty. It could be fun for the adults, too.
  • Once you get the permission to have part of the morning announcements for your contest, make your presentations as engaging as possible.

This really does not have to be complicated. If you can’t get on the morning announcements, you can have a question posted in the hallway by your door or some other prominent place. Give it a try and see how you can draw everybody into Hispanic Heritage Month as you show them how rich that heritage is. With this breezy game, you can show not just the students in your class, but also the rest of the student body and the faculty, that there is so much more to Hispanic Heritage than just tacos, ball players, beautiful actresses, and talented musicians.

What questions or categories would you include in your Hispanic Heritage Trivia Contest? We can play too, at Plaza Santillana! Here’s my question:

  • Who is José Hernández Rebollar?
  •  What did he do? 
  • Where is he from? (OK, that was 3 questions, but you people are teachers!)

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