Margarita Robleda   Éste soy yo   (ISBN 9781603960182)   A boy describes himself, feature by feature, in order to make a self-portrait. The outcome, however, is not what he was expecting. This is a charming way to teach little ones that creativity has no limits, and that being creative can be a lot of fun.

Margarita Robleda   Jugando con las vocales   (ISBN 9781603960212)   Two very creative children show the reader how they can find a “hidden” vowel anywhere. The amusing suggestions will help pre-schoolers associate the shape of each one of the five vowels with things they find in their own world.

Amy White   ¿Qué quieres ser?   (ISBN 9781603964029)   Some children like to paint. That is why they want to be painters. Other children like to brush their teeth. They want to be dentists. Still other children like other things. What do they want to be?

Margarita Robleda   Muñeca de trapo   (ISBN 9781603960205)   After rejecting several boring and sophisticated dolls that she finds in a toy store, the little girl in this story chooses a rag doll with button eyes. This is a sweet tale that teaches readers that it is not always the most expensive or fancy things that makes us happy.

Margarita Robleda   Patito, ¿dónde estás?   (ISBN 9781603960199)   A boy desperately looks for his rubber ducky through his entire house. His imagination leads him to look in the most unusual places, like the clouds or underneath a fork… In the end, he finds it where he first should have looked: in his toy box. An amusing story based on a traditional children’s rhyme.

Margarita Robleda   Rebeca   (ISBN 9781603961981)   This story’s protagonist is a feisty little girl who not only loves to play with her favorite doll but also enjoys riding her bike and skateboard, proving that those are not “boy’s things.”

Margarita Robleda   Sana ranita, sana   (ISBN 9781598209914)   This little book presents the Hispanic traditional rhyme “Sana, sana, colita de rana…” (Heal, heal, frog’s tail) with a twist, proving that hugs and kisses can cure any soul.

F. Isabel Campoy   Mi día de la A a la Z   (ISBN 9781598209426)   An enchanting illustrated ABC book about a child’s daily activities at home and school that can also be used to learn and practice telling time. Its parallel English-language companion edition is available from Alfaguara/Santillana as well.

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