Five Advantages to Being a Selfish Teacher – Resources for your Spanish Classroom

Patricia Acosta

I’m aware that, if you are an educator, the mere mention of the word selfish is enough to make you cringe. After all, many of you have seen little acts of selfishness send entire classrooms into abysmal chaos.

I’m also aware that, like me, you probably have about one million other reasons to despise selfish behavior. Yet, I’m going to go ahead and ask you to consider becoming a selfish teacher.

Now, before you get too excited (or too upset) about this, I want you to understand that I’m not advocating for anyone to stop sharing birthday-cake leftovers with colleagues in the teacher’s lounge. I actually want to invite teachers to consider indulging in a different kind of selfishness –the kind that prompts you to be mostly concerned with your own enjoyment in all the things that you do… specially your work as a Spanish teacher.

Here are five advantages that selfish teachers have:

  1. Selfish teachers teach just because THEY love it. These educators don’t teach because they want to make a great contribution to society (which they always end up making). Rather, they teach just because they really like to teach. Teaching makes THEM happy, and it shows!
  2. Selfish teachers want to see THEIR students succeed. These teachers find pride in all that’s theirs… and that includes their students.
  3. Selfish teachers believe in the value of THEIR work. These teachers will courageously defend the importance of their work and of the programs they support.
  4. Selfish teachers want the best resources for their classrooms. These teachers understand that funds may be low, but that won’t keep them from trying to get the best resources available –even if that means calling on the PTO to help them organize a fund-raiser!
  5. Selfish teachers inspire others with their enthusiasm. These teachers are very comfortable with the way they teach and do things around the classroom, yet they are always looking for new ways to make their classes better, more fun, and more engaging. That’s why selfish teachers enjoy learning from others and encouraging students, parents, and even other teachers to participate in language programs. The result: shared success!

As you work towards being a selfish teacher, in the good sense of the word, everything else will start to come naturally, and soon you and your students will be on a quick path to success in the Spanish classroom.

In the meantime, here are some tips to help you become a more selfish Spanish teacher.

  1. Let administrators know what YOU are doing. Tell them about YOUR students’ progress and, if there are challenges to be overcome, always offer a few possible solutions.
  2. Encourage parents, students, and even other teachers to participate in the Spanish program. YOU already know Spanish is awesome – perhaps YOU can get them motivated and excited about it, too!
  3. Get a fun, quality program (like Descubre el español con Santillana) to support YOUR students’ education. You’ll soon be on your path to selfish success!

So, are you a selfish teacher? How is that working out for you? Tell us your story!



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