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Isabel Mendoza nació en Cali (Colombia) una ciudad famosa por la alegría y el ambiente festivo de sus ciudadanos. Los colombianos llaman a Cali “la sucursal del cielo” y una de las mayores atracciones turísticas de...
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Anne Smieszny Silva is from Cincinnati, Ohio, where she was a synchronized swimmer for eight years. She began learning Spanish in middle school. She earned Bachelor’s degrees with Honors from the Ohio State...
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Patricia Acosta is from San Juan, Puerto Rico, where at age 8 she began to show her passion for education by teaching math to her (often unwilling) friends, classmates, neighbors and pets with the help...
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Mario A. Nuñez loves Madrid… and when in Madrid, he does what the Madrileños do…eat tapas “con locura”! Somehow he also finds time to go to the museums and cultural sites…
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Angela Padron is originally from Freehold, New Jersey where she grew up in a bicultural household. She had the best of both worlds learning about her mother’s English heritage and her father’s...
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María Treviño loves to travel. Visiting Spanish-speaking countries brings her greatest satisfaction. It’s impossible for her to choose one location as each city has its own special attraction. She loves to...
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Evelyn Silva nació en la pequeña y hermosa ciudad de Cienfuegos, situada en el centro-sur de la isla de Cuba. Amante del olor del mar y del sonido de las olas al chocar con los muros, Evelyn emigró a...

"Books and movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different."

- Stephen King

Extra Credit: Recipe Book - Resources for your Spanish Classroom

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Jul 25

Recipe Book

Summertime is supposed to be the time you don’t think about work or your students, but let’s be honest; you kind of have to think about them. You have to reflect on what happened the year before in order to improve the next year. Some administrators will ask you to take classes, the department chair will give you a summer reading list, and other teachers will challenge you to look for supplemental materials that you all can use during the year. But that’s not what I’m going to encourage you to do. I challenge you to TRAVEL! Yes, travel. Where else are you going to find a collection of recipes for our recipe book?

I’m starting a Spanish recipe book specifically for the teachers on this site. I don’t want the recipes that you tried from an online blog post or a famous chef. I want the recipes that you tried and loved while on summer vacation. Many chefs and cooks take it as a compliment when foreigners, specifically Americans, ask for their recipes. You have to do some serious butt kissing first, but they are likely to give up the goods. So the next time you’re on vacation and you come across a recipe that knocks your socks off, do us a favor and right it down.

Here is the format I would prefer you use:

Colombian Chicken Stew (Ajiaco)

Yields: 6 servings


  • 3 pound chicken breast, cubed
  • 6 quarts water
  • 3 pounds white potatoes, peeled and cubed
  • 6 pounds red potatoes, peeled and cubed
  • 3 pounds yellow potatoes, peeled and cubed
  • 4 ears corn on the cob
  • 2 large bunches quascas, fresh herb


  • Place chicken in a large pot. Add water and half the quascas. Boil chicken until tender. Remove chicken from the liquid.
  • Add potatoes to the liquid and bring to a boil. Once water boils, reduce to a simmer, add the chicken and corn and cover. Allow to simmer for 3-4 hours.
  • Season to taste.
  • Before serving, add the remaining quascas.
  • Garnish with heavy cream and capers.
  • Serve with avocado and white rice on the side.

We would love to try some recipes you've acquired through your travels! Which one is your favorite?


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"Books and movies are like apples and oranges. They both are fruit, but taste completely different."

- Stephen King

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