Celebrate Hispanic Heritage month with Santillana’s rich selection of children’s and young adult books, now available under the new brand Loqueleo.

The best Spanish-language titles from across
the Spanish-speaking world!
Loqueleo includes a vast collection of children and young adult literary classics, authentic titles, and best-selling books.  The range and quality of our offering is unmatched: award-winning authors and illustrators from around the globe, with an emphasis on the Americas and Spain, and the largest array of titles from all genres, leveled to meet the needs of students at all grade and proficiency levels.

Loqueleo digital catalog and website allow instant access to the complete catalog. Finding the right titles is easy with our search tools, where you can find books by author, illustrator, series, reading level, grade and theme. Log on and discover Loqueleo.

We also foster continuous contact with readers through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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Soy aventurero. Soy creativa. Soy un artista.
Soy un científico. Soy soñadora.
Soy Loqueleo.
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