By Annette Breaux on February 15th, 2013

Original Source: SmartBlog on Education

We’ve all known them — that elite group of teachers we deem the great ones. Why are they an elite group? And why don’t all, or at least most, teachers fall into this esteemed category? To attempt to answer those questions, let’s first answer a few others.

Can anyone be a great teacher? Quite simply, no. There are certain attributes a person must embody in order to be a great teacher. Next question — Are great teachers born and not made? Though some people definitely possess an innate “gift” for teaching, most great teachers were not born. They were made!

But it’s a little misleading to say they were made, because this implies that someone else did the work or that there’s some type of magic that’s been bestowed upon them. In actuality, great teachers work very hard to earn their coveted status. There’s no magic involved, but they do seem to work magic every day in their classrooms!

So what are some of the qualities that all great teachers possess?

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