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Isabel Mendoza nació en Cali (Colombia) una ciudad famosa por la alegría y el ambiente festivo de sus ciudadanos. Los colombianos llaman a Cali “la sucursal del cielo” y una de las mayores atracciones turísticas de...
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Anne Smieszny Silva is from Cincinnati, Ohio, where she was a synchronized swimmer for eight years. She began learning Spanish in middle school. She earned Bachelor’s degrees with Honors from the Ohio State...
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Patricia Acosta is from San Juan, Puerto Rico, where at age 8 she began to show her passion for education by teaching math to her (often unwilling) friends, classmates, neighbors and pets with the help...
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Mario A. Nuñez loves Madrid… and when in Madrid, he does what the Madrileños do…eat tapas “con locura”! Somehow he also finds time to go to the museums and cultural sites…
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Angela Padron is originally from Freehold, New Jersey where she grew up in a bicultural household. She had the best of both worlds learning about her mother’s English heritage and her father’s...
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María Treviño loves to travel. Visiting Spanish-speaking countries brings her greatest satisfaction. It’s impossible for her to choose one location as each city has its own special attraction. She loves to...
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Evelyn Silva nació en la pequeña y hermosa ciudad de Cienfuegos, situada en el centro-sur de la isla de Cuba. Amante del olor del mar y del sonido de las olas al chocar con los muros, Evelyn emigró a...

As enthusiasts of the Spanish language and Hispanic Culture, this month we will be exploring the Spanish-speaking world: its people, its cities, its regions, and its cultures. Join us as we explore with Español Santillana.

May 29 Ohio State University program immerses social workers in Spanish - Resources for your Spanish Classroom

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By  Joshua Jamerson

The Columbus Dispatch Sunday May 26, 2013 6:41 AM

To help, social workers need to know how their clients are doing. And with a growing Spanish-speaking population in central Ohio, more will need to ask, and understand a client’s response to, Como estas?

“Since I’ve come to this country, I’ve been a complainer,” said Dr. Rene Olate, a professor of social work at Ohio State University who says not enough social workers in Columbus speak Spanish. To fix that, during the university’s short May semester, he’s teaching a new social-work class that’s taught almost entirely in the language.

For six hours each week, 10 students at Ohio State videoconference with 20 students taking the course from a university in Nicaragua. Olate runs through PowerPoint slides in Spanish and sometimes shows videos in English from YouTube.

“It’s important in the work that we do that we’re able to connect on a pretty deep level ... it’s hard to do that when you’re relaying messages through a translator,” said Danielle Smith, executive director of the Ohio chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. “I’m really glad that Ohio State has this class.”

Smith said her research shows that more than 50,000 central Ohioans speak Spanish as a first language. The two-credit-hour course could fill a gap in social-work service to those people.

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May 28 Disney Wants To Trademark 'Dia De Los Muertos' - Resources for your Spanish Classroom

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By Mónica Ortiz UribeJohn Rosman

As of Wednesday, May 8, 2013

As first reported by Stich Kingdom, on May 1, Disney Enterprises, Inc., a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company, filed trademark applications to secure the phrase "Dia de los Muertos" across multiple platforms for an upcoming Pixar film.

Dia de Los Muertos is a popular holiday celebrated across Latin America, especially in Mexico and Central America, and it has become more popular in the United States. Families commemorate the lives of lost family members or friends between Oct. 31 and Nov. 2 each year.

Disney filed 10 requests in the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office this month to coin the phrase. Disney's filings are mainly for merchandise, presumably connected to an upcoming film.

The areas they are hoping to secure include “education and entertainment services,” “fruit preserves; fruit-based snack foods,” “toys, games and playthings,” “clothing,” “footwear,” “backpacks,” “clocks and jewelry” and more.

Rod Berman, a patent attorney in California, says Disney is filing to protect products, not steal a holiday.

"Even if Disney were to obtain trademark registration, that wouldn't prevent anyone from practicing their faith or having the holiday," Berman said.

In the past, Disney sought to trademark "SEAL Team Six" the Navy SEAL team that assassinated Osama Bin Laden. They wanted exclusive rights ranging from toys to snow globes. After outcry from critics, The Wall Street Journal reported Disney withdrew the application "out of deference to the Navy."

Many reacted angrily to the "Dia de los Muertos" news on social media, with some accusing Disney of trying to profit from a sacred Mexican tradition. Disney has not yet responded.

A Houston company listed as The Valence Group already holds a 2007 trademark for "Día de los Muertos" for entertainment services like theater, plays and musicals. A gaming company in Nevada holds a 2012 trademark for "Día de Muertos."

The U.S. Trademark and Patent Office has issued trademarks related to other holidays such as Christmas and Hanukkah.

UPDATE: A Disney studio spokesperson told Fronteras Desk late Tuesday afternoon the company will be withdrawing its trademark filing.

“As we have previously announced, Disney-Pixar is developing an animated feature inspired by the Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos. Disney’s trademark filing was intended to protect any potential title for our film and related activities. It has since been determined that the title of the film will change and therefore we are withdrawing our trademark filing.”

Read the updated story.

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May 24 Corales de Palau - © F. Isabel Campoy

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Corales de Palau

© F. Isabel Campoy

(230 words)

El calor de la tarde nos fuerza a parar.

Parar los juegos, la risa y la amistad.

--¡Es hora de la siesta! --dice mi madre.

--Es hora de descansar.


Y fue en esos veranos de tardes imposibles

porque afuera hacía cien grados

y el aliento quemaba,

que mi hermano y yo nos hicimos amigos

por aburrimiento,

por falta de otros allí afuera.

Fue entonces cuando vi las fotos

de las que le había oído hablar en la mesa.

--Papá, quiero ser piloto –dijo mi hermano.

--Pues ¡ponte a estudiar! --le contestó papá.--

Hace falta saber de todo para poder volar.

Diego me enseñó su colección, que entera,

llenaba de amarillo los estantes de su habitación.

Esto es Palau, mira el color de la arena,

mira los verdes distintos de aquella vegetación.

Esto que parece un hongo es una isla,

y allá al fondo,

viven los corales más rojos de toda la tierra.

--¡Exageras! –exclamo mientras me río.

Pero el Geographic no miente, y miro

una tras otra fotos de Isla Roca,

de las arenas de miel y oro,

de millones de peces formando un río

que  corre paralelo a la espuma de las olas.

--¡Es precioso! Yo…

¡aprenderé a bucear! --le digo.

--Iré muy al fondo del mar y estudiaré

como nace el color rojo

en un árbol de coral.

Cuando seas piloto.

¿me llevarás contigo?

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May 22 Sistema UNO, mucho más que educación - Resources for your Spanish Classroom

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Fuente: Toyoutome

Sistema UNO se está convirtiendo en un referente en el mundo educativo. No podemos evitar preguntarnos: ¿qué aporta el Sistema UNO de Santillana a la educación que le hace tan especial? Hace pocos días el Banco Mundial le ha concedido un préstamo de 25 millones de euros y, siguiendo con esta estela de confianza, en la última junta de accionistas de Apple, Peter Oppenheimer, su CFO, habló de la integración de los iPads en la educación y de su gran alcance en Latinoamérica gracias al proyecto UNO de Santillana. Francisco Cuadrado, Director Global de Educación de Santillana, nos da todas las respuestas sobre el presente y futuro de esta atractiva apuesta educativa.

Las 10 respuestas de:

Francisco Cuadrado – Director Global de Educación de Santillana

P- El IFC, miembro del Banco Mundial, acaba de otorgar a Santillana 25 millones de euros para mejorar la educación en cuanto al acceso en Latinoamérica de contenidos digitales, servicios y otras herramientas para la educación. ¿En qué consiste concretamente esta sorprendente apuesta por la educación?

Yo diría que es un hito que un organismo internacional como el Banco Mundial avale un proyecto educativo de las características de Sistema UNO, dirigido a un mercado en español y portugués. Su apoyo supone una apuesta clara por este modelo como palanca de desarrollo educativo en toda la región y, sin duda, pone en valor la eficacia del proyecto.

Este préstamo es una importantísima inyección económica que nos permitirá fortalecer Sistema UNO  y acelerar  su crecimiento en los países donde ya está operando, además de extenderlo a otros mercados.

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As enthusiasts of the Spanish language and Hispanic Culture, this month we will be exploring the Spanish-speaking world: its people, its cities, its regions, and its cultures. Join us as we explore with Español Santillana.

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