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¿Qué fue la expedición de Lewis y Clark?

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When Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and the "Corps of Discovery" left St. Louis, Missouri on May 21, 1804, their mission was to explore the vast, unknown territory acquired a year earlier in the Louisiana Purchase. The travelers hoped to find a waterway that crossed the western half of the United States. They didn't—but young readers will love this true-life adventure tale of the two-year journey that finally brought the explorers to the Pacific Ocean.

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ISBN 9781631134159
Genre Literary Nonfiction / History
Product Media Type Text
School Grade 3–5
Program Name ¿Qué fue? / What Was?
Product Type Informational Text
Author Judith St. George
Guided Reading Level N/A
Illustrator Tim Foley
Subjects Social Studies
Text Type Informational Text
Theme History / US

¿Qué fue la expedición de Lewis y Clark?