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Las visitas

Quick Overview

Fernando lives with his mom and his sister, and goes to school every day. Everything seems to be normal except that his dad is missing and he doesn’t know where he’s gone. As he grows up, Fernando starts to realize that maybe his mother and sister have been lying to him for years. Why? This tale invites us to delve into the thoughts of a young man who doesn’t get answers to his questions.
“The Visits allows us not only to interact with the text by imagining what has happened, but also allows the convergence of different readers. It’s likely that for an adolescent, reading this book will be an experience close to his or her internal reality.” –Beatriz Helena Robledo, Imaginaria Magazine

Additional Information

ISBN 9786070123542
Genre Novel / Realistic Fiction
Product Media Type Text
School Grade 6-12
Program Name Serie azul
Product Type Literature
Author Silva Schujer
Guided Reading Level No
Illustrator Pablo Bernasconi
Subjects Spanish Language Arts
Text Type No
Theme Family, Feelings and Emotions


Las visitas