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Konrad o el niño que salio de una lata

Quick Overview

Mrs. Bartolotti has an bad habit: she is a fanatic about ordering things in the mail. One day, a special package arrives: a seven-year-old boy inside a can! The little boy’s name is Konrad, and he arrives pre-fabricated to be a “perfect son.” The two become fond of one another, until one day the factory discovers the error and will do anything to get him back. Mother and child will also do anything to prevent this from happening.
This is a moving story about the bonds that can grow between two people who meet by chance and who, after a time, simply can’t be separated.

Additional Information

ISBN 9781641011686
Genre Narrative / Novel / Fantasy
Product Media Type Text
School Grade 5–8
Program Name Serie azul
Product Type Literature
Author Christine Nostlinger
Guided Reading Level T
Illustrator Ricardo Peláez
Subjects Social Studies, Spanish Language Arts
Text Type Literacy
Theme Family

Konrad o el niño que salio de una lata