El español en Estados Unidos

espanol_usa_thumb528 Millones de personas hablan español en todo el mundo. En Estados Unidos, el uso del español crece. Es la segunda lengua del país. El siguiente video presenta los últimos datos sobre el crecimiento de esta lengua en los negocios y en la escuela.


Mira el video


  1. Anota todas las cifras sobre el uso de español en el mundo y en Estados Unidos que aparecen en el video: número de hablantes, número de negocios hispanos, etc.
  2. ¿Cuáles son las ventajas de aprender español en Estados Unidos?
  3. ¿Por qué estudias tú español?

Vocabulario: la lengua materna, los nativos, millones, bilingüe, conquistar, notable, el puesto, hispano, el presente, las instituciones, los carteles, las instrucciones, las empresas, los organismos, oficiales

Billboard Latin Music Awards 2015

Romeo SantosRomeo Santos, the most nominated artist in the history of the Billboard Latin Music Awards, was the biggest winner of the Billboard Latin Music Awards 2015, taking home a total of 10 trophies, including artist of the year, songwriter of the year, producer of the year, top Latin album of the year and tropical album of the year, among others.

Enrique Iglesias followed closely with 19 nominations and was the other big winner, clinching nine awards, including streaming song of the year on the strength of his mega-hit “Bailando”.

Read the article


  1. Read the article and list of winners. Do you know the artists or songs mentioned?
  2. Do you listen to Latin music in Spanish? Why or why not?
  3. Who is your favorite singer? Explain why.

Olé, Diversity!

diversity_thumbThe Clarksdale Municipal School District’s Magnet School Office of Grant Administration and Curriculum and the University of Mississippi’s Department of Modern Languages are partnering in January and February of 2015 to celebrate diversity at four schools by organizing an event presenting Hispanic culture. This celebration, titled “Olé, Diversity!”, will be a one-­hour long event where Spanish instructors and students from UM will interact and engage students from four elementary schools.

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  1. Imagine that you are one of the organizers of the event. What activities would you plan for the event (games, presentations, music)?
  2. Do you like the title “Olé, Diversity!”? Think about an alternative title for the event.
  3. Has your school or town ever organized a similar cultural event? Describe it. If not, explain why you think an event like this would be important or not, and if it would be successful in your area.

Flamenco-Infused Jazz in New York City

theFlame_thumb“The Flame: Flamenco Infused Jazz” is the only series of concerts in the United States showcasing the work of musicians whose artistic vision latches onto the roots of Flamenco.

The 2015 series of concerts will start on January 31st and showcase the music of three amazing artists: Rebeca Vallejo, Andreas Arnold, and the quartet InFlame, which brings together the language of Flamenco together with its most immediate influence: classical Indian music. The concerts are produced by World Music Boutique Productions in collaboration with The Cornelia St. Café and Spain Culture NY (Consulate General of Spain in New York). All concerts will take place from 6:00-7:30 PM in the lower level of Cornelia St. Cafe (29 Cornelia St, Greenwich Village, New York. 212-989-9319).

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Watch the video


  1. Name the dates and performers of the concert series: “The Flame: Flamenco Infused Jazz.”
  2. Which of the three concerts would you like to attend? Why?
  3. Watch the music video and describe the music. Do you like it? Why or why not?

American sabor: The influence of Latino music in the U.S.


Latino musicians have had a great influence on traditional genres of music in the United States, including jazz, R&B, rock ‘n’ roll, and hip-hop. “American Sabor: Latinos in U.S. Popular Music,” a traveling exhibition from the Smithsonian, presents the musical contributions of U.S. Latinos and the influence of Latin music such as salsa, mambo, rumba, and cha-cha-cha. The exhibition will travel to 13 cities through 2015.

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Listen to the audio and play with different genres of Latin music in the Music Mixer

Watch the video of interviews with musicians


  1. Play with the Music Mixer. What are the main similarities and differences with U.S. music?
  2. Choose one of the musicians interviewed. Watch the interview and write about him/her.
  3. What is your favorite type of music? Why do you like it?