Imagine going to a beach and discovering that the rocks are more famous than the sand or the water. Most people don’t associate rocks with the beach, but today we went to the Playa de las Catedrales in Galicia, which is famous for its rock formations, and the rocks were a big hit.

Over the last few centuries, high winds and crashing waves carved out arches and caves from the rocks. Thankfully we went during low tide, so we walked down a set of stairs to the sand. From there we could appreciate how incredible this place was. The arches were at least 100 feet high, and they were perfectly shaped. You would have thought someone carved them out by hand, they were so perfect. A couple people in the group were brave enough to walk into the caves, but I was not going in there without a flashlight and a hard hat. Who knew if there were falling objects or bats or anything in there, so I kept my distance.


There were people who came to rock climb. It looked like fun, but why would anyone climb the rocks when there was a perfectly good set of stairs to climb? LOL! I wondered what else there was to do in this area. Of course we took a million pictures, and when the sunset approached, I focused my camera through one of the archways. I just knew I’d get the most amazing pictures.

I was all ready to snap my picture with a steady hand and steady eye, when someone ran past me, hit me on the arm, and yelled “Tag, you’re it!” I hadn’t played tag in so long! At that point I had a choice to make. Stay and get incredible pictures or go play and risk losing the opportunity to take breath-taking pictures to take home. Stay or go? Stay or go? Silly me, I went. Five minutes of play time couldn’t hurt, right?


The Playa de las Catedrales was voted one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, yet we were out there playing tag. And out of the entire half mile of the beach, everyone wanted to hide in a cave because they knew I was a wimp and wouldn’t go all the way in. I went to the closest cave, which was a shallow one, and stuck one hand in to feel around. I touched someone and an unfamiliar voice yelled “Excuse you!” I was so embarrassed! I apologized into the darkness. The person behind the voice came out of the cave and said “I’m just playing, you got me.” At that point I knew it was time to go back to taking pictures. Thank goodness I did, because I was just in time to get my sunset pictures. Awesome, right???


  1. Where is Galicia? Go to Google Maps and find a few important towns in Galicia.
  2. Do you think all the beaches in Spain are similar to the Playa de las Catedrales? Why?
  3. ¡A investigar! There is a relationship between Galicia and the British Isles. Investigate about the two regions and come up with a few ideas about how the two might be linked. Support your ideas.