Tonight was awesome!!! We went to the Juan Luis Guerra concert in Santo Domingo. You can’t imagine how handsome he is. He’s super-tall, like 6’5”, with long, dark, wavy hair (almost always covered by a hat), light brown eyes, and a full beard. He got his height from his father, who was a famous basketball player, but he got his looks from his mom: she was amazingly beautiful.

I was completely engulfed in his music. The band was rocking and his voice was so angelic. I couldn’t put my finger on his style. It was a mix between salsa and merengue and bachata with little flecks of soft rock. For a minute there, I could almost hear some gospel, jazz, and Afro-pop. Now, I believe the jazz part because he studied jazz at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, but where did he get the gospel and Afro-pop from?


The band, Cuatro Cuarenta, has two women and one other guy. I heard a story about how they used to pile up in an old VW Beetle and drive to their gigs before they got famous. They would ride around on their days off and hope they’d hear their songs on the radio. That sounds like something I would do. LOL!  I also heard that Juan Luis used to write jingles for a living when he first got back from Boston. I think that’s a cool way to get started in the business.

When they played my favorite song, Ojalá que llueva café, I had to close my eyes and sing along. When I opened my eyes, I swear he was smiling at me. OK, maybe he was smiling in my direction, but I like to think he was smiling at me.

OK, I’m exhausted and going to bed now. Thanks for the good times tonight, Juan Luis Guerra.