Our really hot guide, Señor Alcoz, met us outside the hotel at 8:00am this morning. Soon after, the tour bus arrived. Some of my classmates were still half-asleep! “¡Buenos días! ¡Su atención, por favor!” –our really hot guide said on the bus’ microphone. (Yes, I’m going to keep referring to him as our really hot guide, because he was really hot!) Half the people on the bus jumped from their seat because his mic was turned up really loud. Then he said that we were going to one of the most amazing places in Europe, and perhaps the world: The Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias de Valencia (Valencia’s City of Arts and Science).

Architecture Museum

We were looking around this otherworldly place in complete awe. The really hot guide stopped us in a place from where we could see the three buildings that make up this “city within a city,” as he called it. He said that “the city” was built to welcome the millennium. Its purpose is to educate through entertainment; “edutainment,” as he called it. The events and exhibits that take place there are related to the arts, the sciences, nature, and technology. Each building and structure was more mind-blowing that the next: The Prince Felipe Science Museum (an interactive science museum that looks just like the skeleton of a whale!) and the Queen Sofía Palace of the Arts(dedicated to the performing arts, like theater, dance, sing, etc), the Hemispheric, and the Oceanographic.

Palacio de las artes

The shape of these three futuristic buildings was unreal! It was like nothing we had seen before. The whole thing looked as if it had been created in another planet, and then beamed into existence here in Valencia! Truly breathtaking! You can just walk around the complex (for free) and you can also buy tickets to the performances and exhibits. We went in two buildings the Hemesferic, and visited the Planetarium (absolutely amazing!). It also has an Imax theater, and a laserium.  This building looks like a huge eyeball floating above a pool of water. The eye even blinks!!!


After lunch our really hot guide took us to the Oceanarium, an unbelievably cool building and Europe’s biggest marine park.  He told us that it is home to 500 species of fish and other sea creatures from every ocean of the world! It also has underwater an auditorium with a Red Sea aquarium as its backdrop: an amazing, super funky underwater city!

I am sure I will be back. This has been an experience beyond anything I could have imagined: I just spent a day in the future!! What an incredible way to end our stay in Valencia. Guess who I sat next to on the bus ride back to the hotel???? None other than our really hot guide J