We just got back from a weekend at the beach. Even though I’m sunburned from head to toes, if it weren’t for the ruthless sun, I’d go every weekend! We went to Mar del Plata, the most famous beach town in Argentina. You can get there by plane, but we all went on the train. The trip was about 5 hours long. Half of the group slept during the trip, but I was taking pictures through the window the whole way. The scenery was amazing.  Once we got to Mar del Plata, we went directly to the hotel. I worked my “magic” on the cutie pie at the front desk, so we all got rooms with an ocean view and balcony! I’m still waiting for my thank yous, but I won’t hold my breath.

The beach was so crowded that we wondered how we were going to fit! I didn’t care because it’s winter back home and I definitively needed a tan! But while we waited for some space to open up, we walked around the city and had a bite to eat. After a few minutes of walking, we went into a pizzeria. I can honestly say that was the best pizza I have ever had. (I had heard that pizza in Argentina was famous, but this was beyond good!). There, at the pizzeria, the cashier told us we looked like tourists. We all laughed. He said that 700,000 people lived in Puerto Plata, but in the summer months (November to September) the town is full of porteños (people from Buenos Aires) and tourists who spend their vacation there.

Aereal View of Mar del Plata

Before we headed back towards the beach, we walked to the Museo del Mar. There was a HUGE collection of seashells from all around the world. There were thousands upon thousands! Some of them where really weird looking, other were so perfect that I wondered how nature could make all of this!

When we left there I was a little hungry, so I grabbed a couple of empanadas (Argentinean small meat turnovers) and headed to the beach. Most of the group was sunbathing and chatting with natives, the others were swimming or playing volleyball with some students from Buenos Aires they had just met.

It was really hot, so I left my backpack on the sand and went directly to the ocean. It felt really good. After a while I went back to where by buddies were and stayed with them until it was time to go back to the hotel.

That evening we all had dinner together at the hotel’s restaurant and went for a walk. Puerto Plata is so different at night! But it’s just as awesome…full of people, music, cafes, street artists…we all had ice-cream in this famous place. It was so, so good! And It cooled me down because my skin was on fire! We also had “alfajores” (cake sandwich with dulce de leche). I became addicted to them after that! The last thing we did before we went back to the hotel was to get some aloe from the pharmacy. I think even my teeth were sunburned L.