I was soooooooooooo excited because I won 4 tickets to a Dodger’s games from the local radio station. They asked for the 104th caller, so I called in but I was the 41st caller. The DJ said to hang up and call back, so I did. I kept getting a busy signal, but I kept calling and calling until finally it rang. The DJ answered “You are the 104th caller. What’s your name.” I screamed Janet into the phone he told me to hold on so they could get my information. I was elated! Until. . . I realized there were eight of us and only four tickets. Patricia suggested that we all split the cost of the other four tickets so everyone could go. Fair enough, so that’s what we decided to do.

Mack went with me to pick up the tickets from the radio station, then we went back to the hotel to get ready. We already knew we were going to have the time of our lives, so we got dressed in a hurry and met in the lobby at 5pm. The guy at the front desk said that traffic was going to be horrible, so he suggested we take the metro. I hate driving in traffic, so we took the Metro to Union Station and got on the Dodger Stadium Express straight to the park.

Aerial View of Dodger Stadium

When we walked in, I couldn’t believe we’re actually at the third oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball.  The older are Fenway Park in Boston and Wrigley Field in Chicago, but it’s the largest ballpark by seating capacity.  We have a great view from our seats on the baseline. As soon as I got comfy in my seat I heard the first (CRACK). Oh great, the first hit of the game…GO DODGERS!!!!! The crowd was really into the game. They were yelling and cheering, and of course, heckling the umpires. We ate the ballpark food, paid for the overpriced sodas, and who could go home without a foam finger? Tim asked the guy walking around selling hotdogs for some peanuts and crackerjacks while the rest of us cracked up. The look on the guy’s face was hilarious! We had a ball!!!!!

I was hoping we could get Ronald Belisario, Octavio Dotel, or even Manny Ramirez’s attention. They are just a few of our favorite players.  I bet they are all members of Viva Azul. Viva Azul is a fan club that celebrates the legacy of Dodgers of Latin American descent. Every year the Viva Azul club puts on Hispanic Heritage celebrations with live music, games, and food and fun.

Today was a great day. I wish we could do more stuff like this but in other countries. I wonder if the experience would be the same in a ballpark in Venezuela or the Dominican Republic. I hope we find out. It would be awesome to have something to compare.