I never thought that the trip to Buenos Aires was going to take so long!  I had never been on an airplane for such a long time! I watched two movies, listened to music, walked up and down the aisles… you name it! I couldn’t go to sleep, like everyone else, because I just couldn’t wait to get here!  Then I remembered my grandpa had given me a little booklet about Argentina. It said that the word argentina comes from the Latin argentum, which means sliver (then I remember Chemistry class the sign for silver is Ag!), so Argentina means “land of silver.”  I also learned from my book that the river that runs through Buenos Aires is called Río de la Plata (river of silver), and that it’s the widest river in the world. Buenos Aires is Argentina’s capital city. The words “buenos aires” literally mean “good airs/winds.” I thought that was pretty cool.

We landed around 6:30am. I was tired but looking forward to seeing new places and meeting new people. A bus picked us up at the airport and took us to our hotel. Our host told us to meet her at the lobby at noon, and that was perfect for me because I wanted to unpack and take a little nap before we went out exploring. That nap went by real quick, and before I knew it, we were all there in the lobby again.

From the hotel we all walked to Plaza de Mayo, the main square in the city where La Casa Rosada is. The Casa Rosada is the same as the White House, except that the President chose not to live there. We took tons of pictures at the Casa Rosada and the Plaza de Mayo; then we all went to lunch to a nearby little restaurant.  That food was incredible!  My grandpa told us that Argentinean meat and pasta are famous all over the world, now I know why! I really liked the desert that was recommended to us by the waiter: flan with dulce de leche…WOW!!! I could have eaten four of those!

Plaza de Mayo

After lunch, we all went back to the hotel. We were all pretty tired from the trip and from walking around the plaza. Even though it was only about 4pm when we got back, I went to sleep right away! Then I woke up at 8pm because someone was knocking on my door. Come to find out, we had to meet our host downstairs for a city tour in a half hour. City tour? Really? I was delirious going down the elevator, but I wanted to be a good sport and stay with the group.

Plaza at Buenos Aires

A bus was waiting for us right outside. On the bus, our host took the microphone and explained to us everything we saw. One of the coolest things we saw was Buenos Aires’ famous obelisk (it looks like the Washington Monument) which is in the middle of the widest avenue in the world: Avenida Nueve de Julio. The guide told us that this monument honors Argentina’s independence from Spain on July 9th, 1816.  After the tour we all had dinner at the hotel and went to our rooms. We have to wake up early tomorrow morning, so I’m going to bed soon. Even though I’m really sleepy now, I’m glad I went. Buenos Aires is beautiful at night, and it was worth losing a little sleep.