We went to this weird restaurant for dinner tonight. On Saturday nights, they do blind dining. Yeah, that’s right, blind. When you get to the door, a person puts a blindfold on you, they ask you if you have any food allergies, and then someone takes you to your table.

At first I thought, what if they tried to put a rat in my mouth, or an eel? My attendant put his or her hand on my shoulder. I jumped about 10 feet in the air and knocked over my chair. I could hear the employees laughing in the distance. I felt really silly, but he or she helped me back into my chair. All this person wanted to do was get my attention to hand me a glass. I was so nervous, but I took a sip. It was just water. I felt even sillier after that.

We were sitting there for about five minutes when the first course came out. My attendant tapped my chin to tell me to open my mouth. I opened it a little and he or she tapped it again. I guess I didn’t open it wide enough the first time, so I opened up wider. This person pushed a spoon with something in my mouth. It tasted sweet yet savory. I could tell it had beef and I could taste something like raisin. It was good, so I waved my hands to ask for more. On the second bite I could taste corn and chicken. What kind of dish has meat, raisins, corn, and chicken? It was a strange combination, but somehow it worked. Yum!

Pastel de Choclo

I felt a breeze whish by me so I assumed my attendant went to get my second course. I was right, because the second breeze came about two minutes later. I could tell this course was something fried. It was cheesy and meaty and delicious. I was fed three of those things before I felt another whish. I wanted more, but I was starting to get full, so I had to save room for the main course and the dessert!

The main dish was the best! It was like a stew, just like my dad makes. It was hearty! I was sad when I could hear my attendant scraping the bottom of the bowl. The last bite was just as good as the first. I was feeling fat and happy. All that was missing was the dessert, and that came very quickly. Before I could pick the last piece of potato out of my teeth, the attendant was tapping at my chin, putting something sweet in my mouth. It was caramelly and gooey and just outright scrumptious.

Chilean Empanadas

After I polished off the last bite, the attendant took off my blindfold and gave me a menu. It was a guy. He explained everything I ate. The first course was a Pastel de Choclo, which is like a Shepherd’s pie but with a whipped corn topping instead of mashed potatoes. The second was Chilean style empanadas. The third was Cazuela, which is a Chilean beef stew. And for dessert, sopaipillas. They are basically pumpkin bread dipped in caramel sauce. I know I wouldn’t have ordered any of that stuff off the menu if I was looking at it, but I’m so glad I got to taste it all! Hats off to the chef and the person who thought of blindfolded dining. What a great way to try new foods!

Sopapilla desert