San Juan, Puerto Rico.

I was so excited to be traveling to Puerto Rico; I’ve heard a lot of great things about the place, and I couldn’t wait to visit!

View of old San Juan from the fort of “El Morro”

We flew to Puerto Rico and arrived at the airport in San Juan, which is the capital. Its population is about 450,000 people, which is kind of small. As soon as we got there I knew we were going to enjoy it; it has beautiful views and the people are very friendly.

San Juan has three main areas, “El Viejo San Juan” (Old San Juan), the beach, and the resort area.

San Juan is also known as the “Ciudad amurallada” (The walled city), because a huge wall surrounds 3/4 of the city; the Spaniards built it in order to protect the gold, jewels, and silver on its way from America to Spain. The city was founded in 1521 and was a point of departure for Spanish expeditions into the New World. Because of that, San Juan is one of the biggest harbors in the Caribbean.

Walking in Old San Juan is one of the coolest things do while there—looking at the colonial buildings, the balconies, and the cobblestone streets makes you feel like you are going back into olden times.

There is a place called “Paseo de la Princesa” (Princess’ promenade), a beautiful walkway with benches, trees, and statues where local artists display and sell their work. After a long walk, you can quench your thirst with a delicious “piragua” which consists of shaved ice and syrup of different flavors. It really reminded me of the snow cones from back home.

Paseo de la Princesa in old San Juan

In San Juan there are a lot of museums where you can find art and historic exhibitions. “La puerta de San Juan” (San Juan’s door), is a place that many people visit each year. It was a gate constructed back in 1520 and was the official entrance to the port for the visitors during the colonization. It reminded me of Ellis Island in New York. “La plaza de armas” (Arms Square) is also a nice plaza to visit. It has a fountain surrounded by four statues that represent the four seasons.

San Juan was SO COOL!!!