¡Hola, amigos! I’m having a great time in Mexico; I’ve visited several states since arriving. México is a bigger country than I thought before I came here! It has 31 states and one Federal District.

The most impressive thing about Mexico so far has been the welcoming atmosphere. It is truly a country with many traditions and customs, delicious foods, and friendly people that are willing to show you around!

A country’s culture is sometimes best understood and appreciated by traveling to some of the less “touristy” places. These places can show you history, folklore, and traditions. Oh, and the natural beauty of this country makes things even more enjoyable.

Coahuila water spring

One of the states I’ve visited here was Coahuila, in the north of Mexico, with a population of 2.5 million people. Saltillo is the capital city. Coahuila is one of the 3 biggest states in the country and it borders on Texas to the north. The Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains run from north to south through the state, and as you can imagine, the view is wonderful! The colors of the mountains are beautiful.

There are also desert plains with sand dunes. The climate is so nice—actually, the capital city, Saltillo, is known as ”La ciudad del clima ideal” (The city with the ideal climate) because it has good weather all year round. How lucky!

Mexican Fire mouth, lives in the Coahuila springs

In Coahuila I visited a town called “Cuatro Ciénegas.” It is BEAUTIFUL! It is now mostly a desert but strangely, it has lots of water too, and because of this it is home to a large number of animal and plant species that are unique to the area. It has more than 200 “pozas” (springs) of different sizes. Unfortunately, in recent years much of the marshland has dried up, leaving only desert.

Coahuila was amazing! I hope you get to visit soon!