Back in the 1500’s, the Aztecs held rituals to celebrate their gods “Quetzalcoatl” and “Huitzilopochtli” from the 6th to the 26th of December. When the Spaniards arrived in Mexico, they introduced their own customs and traditions, one of them being the celebration of Christmas. One of these traditions is what is now known as “Las posadas,” which means inn or lodging.

Traditional Mexican Piñata

The celebration starts on December 16th and ends on Christmas Eve, December 24th. People wear costumes representing biblical characters. They all gather in a neighbor’s house and depart from there. Aditfra . They all walk to the first house to ask for shelter. While they are walking, everyone holds a candle and sings. Then, when they arrive at the house, the group divides in two; one goes inside the house, the other one stays outside. While singing, they ask for shelter, which is denied. The group inside rejoins the others and everyone start to walk again, and they do the same thing at the second house. After shelter is denied for the second time, they all go to the third and last house where, after asking for shelter, they are allowed to go in. People gather around the Christmas tree, pray, and sing. how to find the owner of a domain After that, everyone goes to the patio and kids get ready to break the “Piñata”. The kids get blindfolded, then hit the “Piñata” with a stick. When they break the piñata all the candies come out. Everyone goes back inside to enjoy a delicious dinner. And they do the same thing (at different houses) for the next EIGHT nights in a row!