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Está linda la mar: Para entender la poesía y usarla en el aula.

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These pages offer a complete theoretical guide to poetry, as well as a great variety of examples to read, explore, and enjoy poetry, and to write different types of poems with students of all ages.
Poetry is an enduring gift that we can give children and young people. Through poetry, they effortlessly enrich their vocabulary and mastery of language; additionally, they acquire a better understanding of who they are and a capability for thoughtful reflection that will serve them in all aspects of learning.
This book has been written with a deep recognition of the work that teachers do: work that we have been fortunate to witness throughout many years. Its purpose is to help you to share poetry with your students, to guide them in its analysis and enjoyment, and to encourage them to discover that they, too, can be poets.

Additional Information

ISBN 9781631132735
Genre Expository / Poetry Handbook
Product Media Type Text
School Grade K-8
Program Name No
Product Type Informational Text
Author Alma Flor Ada and F. Isabel Campoy
Guided Reading Level No
Illustrator Marcela Calderón
Subjects Spanish Language Arts
Text Type Informational Text
Theme No


Está linda la mar: Para entender la poesía y usarla en el aula.