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Teacher Resources: Santillana Intensive English

Arizona Academic Standards for Reading (K-8)
Arizona Academic Standards for Writing (K-8)
Arizona Oral Language Development & Grammar Discrete Skills Inventory (K-5)
Arizona Oral Language Development & Grammar Discrete Skills Inventory (6-8)
Arizona Social Studies Academic Standards (4-8)
Arizona Science Academic Standards (4-8)
California ELD standards (K-6)
California Intensive Reading Intervention Program (4-8)
California ELA/ELD Standards Correlation Matrix for Supplemental ELD Materials
California Science Content Standards (4-6)
California History- Social Science Content Standards (4-6)
High Point (6-8) (based on the California English Language Arts and English Language Development Standards)
Chicago Public Schools Standards for English as a Second Language / Illinois State Standards for Language Arts / National ESL Standards (K-6)
Florida Language Arts Standards with English Language Proficiency Standards (K-8)
Florida M/J Language Arts ESOL Standards (1-3)
Georgia ESOL Quality Core Curriculum (K-6)
Houghton Mifflin Reading (K-5)
Indiana English Language Proficiency Standards (K-8)
Kentucky English Language Proficiency Standards
Louisiana ELD Content Standards (K-8)
Maryland English Language Proficiency Standards for ESOL Instruction (K-12)
> Massachusetts ELP SIE grades (K-8)
Nevada English Language Arts and Content Standards (K-8)
Nevada State Performance Standard Descriptions for Grades 2, 3, 5 and 8
New York Learning Standards for English as a Second Language (K-8)
No Child Left Behind NCLB
Open Court (K-5)
Oregon Department of Education English/Language Arts Standards and Skills Included on the State Assessment
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (K-5)
Utah ELL Proficiency Standards (K-8)
Washington State English Language Development (ELD) for:
  Listening and Speaking Standards (K-8)
  Reading Standards (K-8)
  Writing Standards (K-8)
  Proficiency levels (6-8)
WIDA (K-8)
Proficiency Questions (K, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)