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Caillou aprende a reciclar

Quick Overview

The children at Caillou’s day care are curious about the new recycling bin—it has four openings, what are they for? Ms. Martin has an activity planned to demonstrate recycling plastic, glass, metal, and paper. She has some very impressive examples of recycled things to show the children, even a T-shirt made of recycled bottles for the recycling monitor. The book inspires interest in recycling while explaining its importance in a simple and fun way.

Additional Information

ISBN 9786071130716
Genre Narrative / Stories / Realistic Fiction
Product Media Type Text
School Grade PreK-K
Program Name Caillou Ecology Club
Product Type Literature
Author Kim Thompson
Guided Reading Level H
Illustrator Eric Sevigny
Subjects No
Text Type No
Theme Ecology


Caillou aprende a reciclar