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About Grupo Santillana

Grupo Editorial Santillana has its origins in the publishing house Santillana, which was founded in 1960 with the educational mission of providing teachers and students with innovative and high-quality instructional materials.Though Santillana originated in Spain, it is now an international publisher with affiliates in almost all Spanish-speaking countries, as well as in Portugal, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and the United States.

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In the 1970s,Grupo Santillana broadened its activity to trade publishing, featuring a wide range of trade books in Spanish for both children and adults. Its many prestigious trade imprints include: Alfaguara, Aguilar, Taurus, Alamah, Altea and Alfaguara Juvenil/Infantil, Richmond, and Santillana, Punto de lectura.

In the 1990s,Grupo Santillana began operating in the adult online education market. This project culminated with the creation of two new divisions, Santillana Formación (Santillana Education) and Instituto Universitario de Posgrado (Postgraduated Studies Institute). Currently, Grupo Santillana boasts twenty-one offices worldwide and is the largest educational publisher in the Spanish-speaking world. Since March 2000, Grupo Santillana is part of PRISA, the leading Spanish- and Portuguese-language group in education, communication, and entertainment, with a presence in twenty-two countries in Europe and America.

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About Santillana USA Educational Publishers

Who We Are

Santillana USA, based in Miami, Florida, is one of twenty-two subsidiaries of Grupo Santillana, the largest educational publisher in the Spanish-speaking world. Our offices throughout Europe and Latin America collaborate to offer the very best culture and creativity from the Hispanic world. Also, our international presence has strengthened our expertise in dedication to second language education.

Our mission is to make learning and teaching English and Spanish an experience that is motivating, enriching, and effective for both teachers and students. In a collaborative effort with authors, editors, teachers, and students, we create instructional materials that meet needs of modern-day students throughout the United States.

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What We Do

We are dedicated to the diffusion of the Spanish and English language by offering quality second language instructional materials and children’s literature for K-12 education. We work in conjunction with other Santillana offices around the world to bring you the best in both languages.
Additionally, we strive to meet the special needs of Portuguese and Haitian Creole language education. As part of our commitment to the educational community, Santillana USA also offers educators Professional Development services through our Santillana PD division.

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Management Team

Leading our commitment to second language education in the USA:

Grupo Editorial Santillana - Miguel A. Tapia Miguel A. Tapia
President & CEO
Grupo Editorial Santillana - Silvia Matute Arturo Castillon
National Sales Director
Grupo Editorial Santillana - Héctor Miralles Marta Moldes Gómez 
Grupo Editorial Santillana - Mario Nuñez William Dickerson
Regional Sales Director (South Central U.S.)
Grupo Editorial Santillana - Philippe Seiler Javier Cabrera
Grupo Editorial Santillana - Kathy Jimenez Marc Deising
Regional Sales Director (Western U.S.)
Grupo Editorial Santillana - Philippe Seiler Myriam Louzao
Director of Professional Development Division
Grupo Editorial Santillana - Kathy Jimenez Bob Morton
National Sales Director (Northeastern U.S.)

Grupo Editorial Santillana - Arturo Castillón Kathy Jimenez
Marketing Director
Grupo Editorial Santillana - Nicolás Posada Jimmy Moorhead
Regional Sales Director (North Central U.S.)

 Grupo Editorial Santillana - Arturo Castillón

Jacqueline Rivera
Production Manager
  Ignacio Echevarria
Inside Sales Manager
 Grupo Editorial Santillana - Arturo Castillón

Isabel Mendoza
Director of Children’s Books Division

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Our vision is to promote language, ideas, learning, and creativity. YOU are an integral part of that vision!

Santillana USA Staff